Full Time Competitive

Art and Soul Dance company offers one of the most distinguished full-time competitive programs in the industry. With an elite faculty of dance educators, our students receive the highest caliber of training, in a supportive and nurturing environment. Put through a highly meticulous and intensive training program, dancers are conditioned for greatness. The program is designed to arm dancers with the high-level dance skills they require to work in the entertainment industry. While also teaching them life skills and helping them create friendships that will get them there. With a minimum of nine hours of training a week, (with the exception of the Micro Mini company) dancers will be required to attend four to five regional competitions and conventions, as well as a national competition every other year. Dancers will have the opportunity to work with guest choreographers in a studio environment on a regular basis and may be required to participate in ballet examinations.

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Part Time Competitive

Understanding that a full-time competitive dance schedule is not for everyone, ASDC is honoured to offer an industry leading, advanced part-time program for students with a dance background, ages eight and up. Students receive top-notch professional training from some of Canada’s premier choreographers. With modified hours, dancing only twice a week, dancers are trained in tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, acro and lyrical/contemporary (depending on the level). Through an intense training program, dancers will be conditioned to build a competitive skill set, focusing on stretch and strength, technique, musicality and choreography, to help them on their dance journey. All part-time students will be required to attend three local competitions, as well as perform in EVOLUTION, ASDCs year-end show.