About Us

Art and Soul Dance Company (ASDC) is a prestigious dance studio located in the heart of Kleinberg, Ontario. Over the last 18 years, ASDC has established an unparalleled reputation for training dancers at both a beginner and professional level, with expertise and professionalism. ASDC offers a variety of programs geared to dancers of different skill levels, ages and abilities, with both full-time and part-time competitive programs, as well as a first-class recreational program.

Artistic directors, Andrea and Stephanie Viola have created highly coveted and unique programs, to ensure their dedicated young dancers get the best training available. Dancers receive professional training in a supportive environment, at a studio that prides itself on being inclusive, nurturing and authentic. Andrea and Stephanie coach dancers through the discipline, artistry, balance and self-confidence they need to succeed, in both dance and life. All ASDC students grow to become individuals with a true love and respect for the art of dance.

From Our Directors

Creating a dance family is something we take great pride in, giving each of our students a second home within the walls of our studio. While also building a team of dedicated and driven individuals, that push boundaries and cheer each other on along the way.

We strive to pass on our strong passion for dance and life onto everyone that walks through our doors. Nothing brings us more pride as choreographers, instructors and mothers, than seeing hard work and dedication being rewarded with growth and development in each of you, both individually and as a team.

We are grateful to every one of our students and their families for the commitment and dedication they have shown and continue to show, year after year.  Keep working hard, staying humble and striving for greatness. We will always be here to help, guide and teach you, as you dance your way through life.

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From Our Dance Family

My daughter joined the ASDC  competitive program four years ago. My husband and I decided to enroll her in dance to help improve her focus, inspire some creativity and provide her with some physical activity. We never imagined how impactful her training at Art and Soul would be to all aspects of her life.

From her first day in class it was easy to see Art and Soul has created the perfect recipe for success. From carefully selecting an amazing team of dance teachers who always encourage students to be the best versions of themselves, creating a team environment that challenges and supports each other daily to teaching dancers that through self-discipline, hard work and determination… Anything is possible.

The growth we have seen in her and the other dancers she is growing up with is absolutely phenomenal.

Although there is no doubt that Art and Soul offers the highest quality training in all genres and that that they produce such high-calibre dancers… By far the most rewarding part for us as parents is watching all of these attributes she has learned in that studio spill over into other parts in our daughters life.

I have always felt when raising children “it takes a village”… Art and Soul has proven to be just that… an amazing village  for a Child to grow up, inspired by the the love and artistry of dance.